The main objective is to develop a complete technology for producing of high-quality physical breast phantoms derived from novel computational anthropomorphic breast phantoms and manufactured with novel prototyping techniques.

Work packages

WP1. Management and Coordination

1.1. Project coordination and management
1.2. Administration of website
1.3. Development of project quality plan
1.4: Data management plan

WP2. Computational methods for creation of anthropomorphic phantoms of female breast and its structures

2.1. Development of methodology for creation of anthropomorphic breast phantoms based on MRI images
2.2. Development of methodology for creation and classification of breast tumour models based on MRI images
2.3. Development of breast compression algorithm
2.4. Development of database with anthropomorphic breast models

WP3. 3D printing technologies

3.1. Defining the characteristics of the materials for physical anthropomorphic models
3.2. Modelling and simulation of new printing materials
3.3. Methodology for manufacturing of new printing materials
3.4. Methodology for 3D printing technology for the creation of low-cost physical breast models with the new materials

WP4. Validation and effective use of computational and physical models in xray
imaging research

4.1. Validation of computational anthropomorphic phantoms
4.2. Validation of compression algorithms
4.3. Setup and implementation of experimental validation of obtained physical anthropomorphic Phantoms
4.4. Applications of anthropomorphic models in x-ray imaging

WP5. Dissemination, Exploitation and Training

5.1. Coordination of dissemination and communication activities
5.2. Organization of training activities
5.3. Management of exploitation activities


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 101008020.

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