Three workshops within the project have focused on key research tasks outlined in the Work Packages: Anthropomorphic Computational ModelsMonte Carlo Simulations in Medicineand 3D Printing Technologies. These workshops have successfully been executed, enriching our collaborative endeavors.

Exclusive Lecture on Dedicated Breast Computed Tomography by Professor Russo

On November 24, 2023, an engaging lecture titled „Computer Tomography with a Focus on Breast Diagnosis“ unfolded at UMBAL „Sveta Marina“ in Varna. Professor Paolo Russo, from UNINA (University of Naples „Federico II,“ Italy), charmed the audience by sharing detailed insights into the evolution of techniques, reaching the current state of development. Throughout the lecture, he expertly navigated through the challenges and problems encountered in this evolving field, providing valuable insights and fostering a deeper understanding among the attendees.

PHENOMENO Breast Phantom Printing in Progress

In November 2023, the MUV team initiated the preparations for printing the outcomes of the PHENOMENO project. The installation of three 3D printers across two laboratories at MUV is now completed, and calibration tests are currently underway. January 2024, here we come! We are gearing up to commence the printing of breast phantoms based on MRI data. Exciting times ahead!

PHENOMENO at IEEE MIC2023 Vancouver, Canada

BIOEMTECH members of the PHENOMENO team presented the outcomes of our collaborative efforts

A. The creation of computational breast phantoms using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), accompanied by a groundbreaking method for assessing the quality of these phantoms in terms of the radiologic appearance of the scanned images.

B. The validation of the GATE Monte Carlo toolkit for in silico X-ray/CT imaging in breast cancer studies. This involved an evaluation of their accuracy by comparing the results with clinical data and similar simulated studies conducted with other Monte Carlo codes. Importantly, the breast model from the first study was utilized for this validation.

Congratulations to the BIOEMTECH for their exceptional contributions! Congratulations to PHENOMENO team for a job well done!

14 July 2023 Thessaloniki, Greece 3rd Project General Assembly Meeting.

The 3rd PHENOMENO GAM successfully took place on July 14, 2023, in Thessaloniki, with MORPHE playing the role of a gracious host and overseeing the event’s organization. All partners were actively engaged and in attendance. The meeting featured a comprehensive review of past activities and deliverables. Each partner, serving as the lead for their respective Work Package, presented a detailed overview, highlighting challenges and issues encountered throughout their tasks. This thorough examination provided valuable insights into the project’s progress. Furthermore, discussions centered on the planning of upcoming mobilities, with a particular focus on the associated work during these periods. The collaborative efforts and coordination among partners were evident as a solid plan for future activities emerged.As we move into the next PHENOMENO year, the significance of this period cannot be overstated. It marks a crucial phase for the project, with a particular emphasis on the validation of technology and the practical application of the developed methodology. The collective efforts of all partners are poised to yield tangible results, further solidifying the project’s impact and success.

13 July 2023 Thessaloniki, Greece Workshop III: 3D printing technologies. Medical applications.

Morphé orchestrated an exclusive workshop in Thessaloniki, centered around the theme „3D Printing Technologies“ at the BALKAN CENTER Thessaloniki Greece. The event was not only tailored for our partners but also open to the public, fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

During the workshop, participants engaged in discussions that provided expert guidance and unveiled exciting insights into the dynamic realm of 3D printing. The collective knowledge and expertise shared by our partners played a pivotal role in enriching the discussions and enhancing the overall learning experience.

A heartfelt thanks to all the participants for their active involvement and contributions!!!

The success of the workshop was a testament to the collaborative spirit within our community, further solidifying our commitment to exploring and advancing innovative technologies.

Visit to a medical equipment laboratory

A group of seventh-graders from the school visited the „Laboratory of medical equipment, electronic and information technologies in health care“ at the Medical University of Varna. The students saw a classic radiograph, a dental kugel and a mammography unit. They observed how 3D printers work – a stereolithographic printer and a fused deposition modeling printer. They managed to get hold of anthropomorphic models used for scientific research. This enriched their knowledge of physics and astronomy and contributed to their further professional orientation.

ELPIDA project

Starting new project part of the project MUVE-TEAM, implemented under contract No. BG-RRP-2.004-0009-C02  financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, through the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability of the Republic of Bulgaria under procedure BG-RRP-2.004 – Creation of a network of research universities.

News on the website of the European Commission

The European Commission and the activities for Maria Skłodowska-Curie on its web page published projects presented as “inspirational” stories:

In the part Staff Exchanges (SE) and Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE), the Phenomeno project with leader Assoc. Prof. Bliznakova, has been promoted as a success/ inspirational story. We, the members of the team, are proud to be recognized as “inspirers”!

Team member of the project Phenomeno- dr. Tsvetelina Teneva

A team member of the project Phenomeno, Dr. Tsvetelina Teneva, defended a dissertation work titled: “Imaging markers at staging of rectal carcinoma and re-staging after neo-adjuvant therapy” within a doctor’s program: “Medical radiology and roentgenology (incl. usage of radioactive isotopes)”.

In 2019, Dr. Teneva acquired a specialty in roentgenology and radiology. Her main professional and scientific interests are within the field of medical oncology. She has specialization at a clinic in Diagnostic imaging in Vienna, Austria, as well as in Rostok and Hamburg, Germany.

Lecture at the Medical college – Varna before students and colleagues

Antonio Sarno, PhD is a bioengineer and a scientific resеarcher at the Naples University Federico II, Naples, Italy. On 17/02/2023, he presented a lecture at the Medical college – Varna before students and colleagues. The lecture was titled “New 3D technologies for diagnostics of breast cancer”. Antonio Sarno participates in the project Phenomeno of MU – Varna together with Assoc. Prof. Kristina Bliznakova and Dr. Tsvetelina Teneva on the subject of anthropomorphic models of breast cancer. Soon Dr. Sarno will present also an online lecture on the same topic.

Workshop II: Monte Carlo simulations in medicine

The Project 2nd Workshop on Monte Carlo simulations in medicine has taken place in conjunction with the GEANT4 International user conference, which is organized by the University of Naples – Federico II in Naples, Italy, during the period 24 – 26 October 2022.

Both events concern relevant topics to Monte Carlo simulations in medicine, and aimed to strongly support the activities within the WP2, concerning the computational methods for creation of anthropomorphic phantoms, as well as, WP4, related to the validation and effective use of computational and physical models in x-ray imaging research.

Monte Carlo simulations experience is uniquely brought by UNINA and BIOEMTECH project partners. UNINA has experience with GEANT4 code for simulations in diagnostic x-ray images, while BIOEMTECH has experience with GATE simulation toolkit, dedicated for simulations in nuclear medicine. The PHENOMENO partners have shown full commitment to the successful implementation of the 2nd Workshop on Monte Carlo simulations in medicine. The organization and implementation of the Workshop in conjunction with the GEANT4 International User Conference provided increased opportunities for improving the creation of computational breast models to perform Monte Carlo simulation studies for the project purposes.

Workshop I: Anthropomorphic phantoms. Ethical issues in clinical studies: the flow

On 4 February 2022, World Cancer Day, the PHENOMENO project team held the 1st dedicated Workshop on: Anthropomorphic models. Ethical issues in clinical studies. The date was deliberately chosen to highlight the commitment of the team members in improvement of breast imaging techniques and breast cancer awareness.

Approximately 50 participants including members of all five consortium partners, attended the event, which was hosted by the project coordinator – Medical University of Varna. Prof. Anton Tonchev, Director of the Research Institute, opened the workshop and expressed his support on behalf of the Medical University of Varna to the PHENOMENO project. Further on, experts in the field such as, Prof. Paolo Russo (University of Naples), Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Georgiev (Medical University of Varna) and Asst. Prof. Tsvetelina Teneva (Medical University of Varna), presented advantages and disadvantages of Breast Computed Tomography, X-ray and MRI breast imaging techniques in terms of diagnostics possibilities. In addition, the workshop program included topics of interest to participants such as, breast anatomy and genetics of the breast cancer.

During the second session of the event, there was a fruitful discussion on ethical issues in medical research domain. Representatives of all stakeholders – researchers, technical staff, members of ethics committees, etc. – took part in the discussion on ethical issues, which are part of the management and implementation of an EU funded project in the field of healthcare.

In conclusion, 1st Workshop within the framework of PHENOMENO succeed to gather together many experts in the specific field, and it was considered as very successful and highly evaluated by all participants.

Workshop I

Participation in the 9-th edition of the IEEE International Conference on e-Health and Bioengineering (EHB 2021)

Members of the PHENOMENO project attended the 9-th edition of the IEEE International Conference on e-Health and Bioengineering (EHB 2021). The conference was held during 18-19 November 2021, ONLINE from Iasi-Romania. This year the conference motto was “Leveraging top technology for healthcare development„, representing the fundamental pillars of medical bioengineering and biomedical engineering for the reinforcement of medical research and of health care.

The team members participated in the forum with the following topic:
•  “Contrast Agent Dual Energy Imaging: Computer Simulations In Search For Printing Materials” – an oral presentation given by Tihomir Georgiev.

The EHB 2021 confrence has proven to be an appropriate place for promoting concepts and advanced hardware and software technologies developed under the PHENOMENO project.

Participation in the XXXVIII-th Workshop „Physics in human and environment protection“

Members of the PHENOMENO project participated in the XXXVIII-th Workshop „Physics in human and environment protection“. The event was held online on 22-23 October 2021. The main topic “50 years BSBPE – history and future in the service of healthcare” was related to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Bulgarian Society of Biomedical Physics and Engineering – host of the event.

In recent years, the biomedical engineering team from Medical University of Varna (MUV) traditionally presents the results of its project activities during this annual workshop. This year the tradition was also kept, as the team participated with presentation titled:

– A method for modelling of contrast enhanced mammography imaging: A simulation study, authors Tihomir Georgiev, Kristina Bliznakova, Yanka Baneva

In addition, another consortium partner participated in the event, presenting the results of the first joint project, funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF). Collaborative action called “ARPHA”, between Dr. Kristina Bliznakova (MUV) and Nikiforos Okkalidis (MORPHE), addresses the limitations for the replication of soft and bone tissues utilizing FDM 3D printing technology.

Closing the workshop, the BSBPE president expressed gratitude and highly appreciated the participation of the PHENOMENO team in the annual forum.


Students from the Medical University of Varna supported the cause of the project team to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness and sent the message: PREVANTIVE CARE SAVES LIVES!

Kick – off meeting and 1st GAM

The Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria, as a Coordinator of the PHENOMENO project, hosted the Project 1st General Assembly and Kick-off meeting on 22 June 2021. The international Consortium gathered professionals from academic and industry sectors with expertise in several different fields – biomedical engineers, medical physicists, computer specialists, and medical doctors from Bulgaria, Italy and Greece.

The main issues in the agenda of the 1st project meeting between the beneficiaries included an overview of the overall PHENOMENO project, work packages and tasks review, action plan and implementation technology, partners’ duties and responsibilities of the team members, ongoing activities progress and discussion on the organization of the upcoming events and Secondments.

At the end of the meeting, the participants expressed their confidence in the success of the project implementation and considered the 1st General Assembly and Kick-off Meeting very fruitful.

The project coordinator, Prof. Kristina Bliznakova, was awarded by the Varna mayor with the Annual Individual „Varna“ Award in the „Natural sciences“ category! The recognition is for the preparation, management and coordination of the PHENOMENO project.

Starting with Award

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